Department for Motor Vehicles and Motors

The fact that the Faculty acts in the city that is a centre  of automotive industry in the country was determinable for the formation and development of the Department for motor vehicles and motors, because the motor vehicles major, and, later, motor vehicles and motors major, had been existing since the establishment of the Faculty.

The Department for motor vehicles and motors is a carrier of multiple activities like:

  • giving lectures at basic, master and doctoral studies on motor vehicles and motors major and road traffic major,
  • realization of scientific-research projects in cooperation with the corresponding governmental ministries and the economy,
  • publishing of the journal "Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics" ,
  • organization of international congress "Motor Vehicles & Motors -MVM" (every even year, in Kragujevac),
  • cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad,
  • professional support for laboratories and centres at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the field of motor vehicles and motors.

Laboratory for motor vehicles (LMV)

Laboratory for motor vehicles (LMV) performs the following activities:

  • Dynamic research of assemblies and subassemblies of the vehicles,
  • Research of vehicle comfort and
  • Exploitation research.

Laboratory for IC engines and fuels and lubricants

Laboratory for IC engines and fuels and lubricants consists of division for IC engines and division for fuels and lubricants, and it is one of the first laboratories at the Faculty. The laboratories at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were established in 1963, by relocation of the Faculty from the Kragujevac Gymnasium to a new building.  Then, the laboratories were located at the ground floor of today's object "C" and initially had only educational function, therefore they were equiped with models and parts of motors and vehicles given by "Zastava", "IMR", "IPM", "FAP" and other domestic companies as donors. In the field of scientific research, the activities of the Laboratory consist of:

  • realization of the experimental parts of masters theses and doctoral dissertations,
  • realization of scientific - research projects,
  • realization of own research,
  • organization and conducting of seminars within the framework of permanent education,
  • cooperation with other scientific - research organizations and companies...

Centre for technical proper function of vehicles (TIV Centre)

TIV Centre is one of the six institutions in the Republic of Serbia authorized for the testing of motor vehicles and trailers that are individually manufactured or remodelled.

TIV Centre makes elaborates, studies and sketches for the reconstruction of the vehicles or their equipment for transport of hazardous goods according to applicable laws and ADR agreement.


Centre for traffic safety

Centre for traffic safety performs the following activities:

  • calculation and inspection of carrying structures of all vehicles,
  • traffic accident reconstruction,
  • giving expert opinion in the field of vehicles...

Journal "Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics"

Start of publication of journal "Motor Vehicles and Motors" is linked to March, 1975. The basic task of the journal was to inform the scientific and professional public about the results of scientific research activities in the fields of research, development, construction and exploitation of motors and vehicles. Considering the needs in the field of scientific and professional thoughts from the area of motors and vehicles, from March, 1992, the journal changes the name in "Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics" and is being published four times a year in English. Professor Dusan Simic, Ph.D., has been editor in chief of the journal, from the start of the journals publishing until 2003, while professor Aleksandra Jankovic is current editor in chief.

International Congress ˝ Motor Vehicles & Motors ˝

The editorial board of the journal "MVM-announcements" has launched the initiative for organization of symposium "Motor Vehicles & Motors". The initiative was heartily supported by the former company "Crvena Zastava" and the first symposium was organized in early October, 1979, in Kragujevac. Thus, the rich cooperation between the Department for motor vehicles and motors and the mentioned company had gained a new scientific-professional event, MVM-Symposium. The second symposium was held in 1982 and then every even year.

Head of the Department: Dr Jovanka Lukić, professor

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