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ce6 1Tribology as a modern multidisciplinary concept of solving contact problems has been present at our Faculty almost from the moment of inauguration. A strong tribological school has been formed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac for many years, which has become the focus of numerous researchers in the basic and border areas of tribology, as evidenced by a number of activities. Respecting this level of activity and the very current relevance of understanding tribological problems as a limiting factor of existing technologies and their further development, in 1998 the Center for Tribology was established.

The main activities of the Center are focused on:

  • Classes - The Center provides complete classes (lectures and exercises) in the following subjects: Basic Tribology, Tribomechanical Systems, Mechanical Work and Transport Systems and Entrepreneurship and Marketing.
  • Realization of scientific and technological projects in the fields of: Triboanalysis, Tribomaterial (especially in the field of contact surface modification procedures), Tribotechnologies, Tribodesign, Tribomonitoring (especially tribometers), Nanotribologists and Triboinformatics.
  • Providing research and development services to users in the economy in the following areas: Solving the current problem of a tribological nature with the aim of returning technical systems from failure to operational status; Preventive prevention of the predicted tribological problem in the new system in order to ensure the desired working capacity of the technical system; Classification of materials, type of processing and ways of modification of continuous surfaces in order to create a basis for selection in the design phase; Testing of wear mechanisms with the aim of developing materials resistant to a certain type of wear; Classification of lubricating oils - creating the basis for the selection of oils that provide the necessary functionality of the system; Development of materials or treatments that provide high wear resistance to ensure the profit of the right company.

Transfer of existing and new knowledge to users in the field of research of direct production practice, through seminars and relevant public.
Improving education in basic, graduate and doctoral studies in the field of tribology, nanotribology, surface technology and tribometry.

Center manager - Dr. Slobodan Mitrovic, full professor

You can access the center's website at http://ct.fink.rs

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